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About the Pagan Federation

The Pagan Federation was Facebook shares founded in 1971 to provide information on Paganism and to counter misconceptions about the religion. The Pagan Federation works for the rights of Pagans to worship freely and without censure.

The Pagan Federation publishes a quarterly journal, Pagan Dawn as well as some other publications. It arranges members-only and public events, and maintains personal contact by letter with individual members as well as the wider Pagan Community. There are regional how to invest in Coca Cola shares in UAE conferences throughout the year, such as the Devon and Cornwall Conference in Bude, Cornwall, in March. You can join at any conference.The aims of the Pagan Federation are:to provide contact between Pagan groups and genuine seekers of the old ways; to promote contact and dialogue between the various branches of European Paganism and other Pagan Organisations world-wide; and to provide practical and effective information on Paganism to members of the Public, Media, Public Bodies, and the Administration. Membership is open to anyone over 16 years of age.The Three Principles of the Pagan FederationLove for and Kinship with Nature. Reverence for the life force and its ever-renewing cycles of life and death. A Positive Morality, in which the individual is responsible for the discovery and development of their true nature in harmony with the outer world and community. This is often expressed as: Do what you will, as long as it harms none. Recognition of the divine, which transcends gender, acknowledging Best options trading platform both the female and male aspect of Deity.

To join the Pagan Federation, ask for a membership application form. You can email us at secretary@paganfed.org

Please address all enquires and applications to:

The Secretary, The Pagan Federation, BM Box 7097, London WC1N 3XX, United Kingdom

The Pagan Federation Welcomes all Genuine Seekers


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